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Friday, October 15, 2021

Last week, 71 grammar sheets were added to the website (see article). I am happy to announce that these documents are now available in JA Sensei for Android as well.

Version 5.5.1 should already be available for download on Google Play, if not please wait one to two hours.

Here are all the new features of this version:

  • Grammar: 71 new cards covering mostly JLPT N3 and N2 (and a few N4)
  • Grammar: 226 new example sentences with audio
  • Verbs: self-validation mode added to the quiz
  • Vocabulary, Kanji, Radicals: Spanish and Portuguese translations integrated
  • Correction: all translation data would not always be installed

A big thank you to Xehanort for his help in the realization of these grammar documents

Deutsche Benutzer: die Übersetzung der neuen Grammatikdokumente wird in Kürze verfügbar sein!

Membri italiani: la traduzione dei nuovi documenti grammaticali sarà disponibile molto presto!

Have a great weekend!


Written by Raphael

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