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Thursday, September 14, 2023

JA Sensei version 5.8.0 has just been released, packed with exciting new features and improvements that make learning Japanese even more engaging and effective!

Improved Kanji Drawing System

In this latest update, I've completely rewritten the Kanji drawing system to enhance the user experience. Now, detecting your kanji drawings is more efficient than ever before.

Detailed Kanji Drawing Feedback

Understanding where you went wrong is a crucial part of the learning process. With JA Sensei 5.8.0, I'm introducing detailed drawing feedback. Now, when you practice drawing kanji, you'll receive precise feedback, allowing you to see in detail what you did wrong. This feature empowers you to refine your handwriting skills and master kanji characters with precision.

Search Kanji by Drawing

Ever wanted to look up a kanji character but couldn't remember its reading or meaning? Now, you can easily search for kanji in the extensive database by drawing it directly on the screen. It's a handy tool that simplifies your search process and helps you quickly find the kanji you need.

Expanding Vocabulary

620 new words have been added to the vocabulary database. What's more, each of these new words comes with audio recordings, allowing you to listen to authentic Japanese pronunciation. This immersive learning experience helps you develop your listening and speaking skills, bringing you closer to fluency.

Download JA Sensei 5.8.0 on Google Play today and take your Japanese language learning to the next level.

Written by Raphael

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This new drawing system is amazing!
Now, when it's showing correct or not result in percent for each kanji or kana in the word, it's much easier to analyze myself mistakes and redone them immediately. In addition detailed kanji drawing feedback for each stroke in kanji.
That's really great and helpfull.
Thanks a lot!
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