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Sunday, March 3, 2024

JA Sensei 5.8.2 is now available on Google Play. On the menu you will find new content and new features:

2313 example sentences have been added to illustrate the 1600 words recently added. For each sentence, vocabulary, grammatical structures and an analysis are provided to help you understand and learn the sentence. Not forgetting the audio recorded by a Japanese speaker to guarantee the quality of pronunciation and tone.

The Grammar module has also been greatly improved. For each grammar sheet, you can now track your mastery of that card. You can then filter and organize your activities to make progress and easily target the grammar points that are still causing you difficulty.

If you already have a JA account, your grammar sheet tracking data will be stored in your account. This allows you to retrieve this information at any time on another device or in the event of a device failure.

I've also updated the Dialogues and Reading modules. For each dialogue and story, you could already access the Study References section. This section lists the words and kanji used in each text or dialogue. From now on, you'll also be able to consult the list of grammar sheets linked to each story or dialogue.

Thank you for your continued support of my JA project! If you enjoy using JA Sensei, please leave a comment and rate it on Google Play. I've already started working on the next version, which I hope will even more meet the expectations and needs of people learning Japanese.

Have a great week!

Written by Raphael

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