Counting objects in Japanese is not always easy because it doesn't work like in English. The well-known counters are necessary. Japan-Activator now integrates a comprehensive tool to assist you.   leer más

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17 年 3 月 9 日 JA Sensei 4.5.1 released por Raphael

JA Sensei 4.5.1 is available and includes 5 new lessons!   leer más

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Happy New Year to all JA members and to your family!   leer más

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16 年 12 月 2 日 JA Sensei 4.4.0 available por Raphael

JA Sensei version 4.4.0 is available on Google Play.   leer más

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16 年 11 月 25 日 Two new lessons available por Raphael

Two new lessons are available on the website for Samurai members. The Japanese floral art Asking someone with MORAEMASEN KA Expressing duration with KAN Counters BYOU and SHUU 6 exercises Culture: Ikebana and Bonsai Quiz Looking for a flat Nominalization of an adjective Complex and...   leer más

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A new lesson has been added to the website, and the 250 examples from the lessons have been improved to allow you to customize them according to your level, preferences or goals.   leer más

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