11 年 9 月 12 日 JA Sensei - Lessons module por Raphael

JA Sensei version 1.7.0 is now available on the Android Market. This time, the lessons have been integrated. It is not (yet) as interactive as the lessons on the site, but it will let you take the lessons with you when you cannot visit Japan-Activator regularly, or when you are in the...   leer más

Temas: JA Sensei
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VOCABULARY I've added 7 new vocabulary themes representing 319 words Cuisine - Utensils Cuisine - Ingredients Vegetables Fruits Catering Politics - Elections Time - Dates Dates and Vegetables are available for everyone, and other themes are for the Samurai members. Audio files have...   leer más

11 年 8 月 11 日 New Kanji tool por Raphael

First of all, the "small" improvement: I've added stroke order pictures for 731 extra Kanji in the Kanji Dictionary, which contains now stroke order data for more than 6300 Kanji! Secondly, the main new tool, that will still improve. You can now add Kanji to a personal list. Each Kanji added is...   leer más

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The Kanji dictionary tool was added to the site almost a year ago, I hope you use it often! I've replaced the old stroke order illustrations with pictures used with JA Sensei. Those pictures are larger and can easily be used to practice your writing on a sheet of paper for example. The old...   leer más

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The whole vocabulary Theme content has been improved. Each word has been checked and rechecked to get the best meaning possible, insuring you that what you learn has a high quality. Comments have also been added when necessary to avoid word misusage. For those who have a Samurai account and...   leer más

I've added 4 new thèmes to the Phrasebook that I consider useful: Job Seeking Weather Disaster Convenience Store Voilà, I hope those new themes will be useful to...   leer más

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