It's been almost almost a month since I last posted some news on the site, and the reason is simple, some big news has been under development for about 3 months. And for sure, it will be a huge surprise, even a shock for some people... I should manage to put that updated work online by the end of...   leer más

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12 年 6 月 10 日 Particles 100% audio por Raphael

The announcement was made a few days ago, all particles now have audio examples. It represents 200 audio files. The Samurai account will let you access this...   leer más

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We worked on it last week and this week-end to make the announcement today: all particle documents now also have audio files. After the grammar articles, we thought it of interest to create audio files for particles as well so that examples can help you  even more understand how each...   leer más

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The grammar section has been updated: 10 new documents have been added for a total of 57 (and growing!!). Examples of new things you'll learn: vConj+ NASAI (なさい) Imperative, giving orders, authority vTa + BAKARI DA (ばかりだ) Immediate past, I've just done vConj +...   leer más

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Many of you really enjoyed the new integration of audio examples in the grammar articles. So we've spent more time this week to record all examples for articles that didn't have any audio example yet. There are currently 47 documents to learn specific grammatical points, and now all have audio...   leer más

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12 年 5 月 20 日 Now grammar examples in audio!! por Raphael

I'm happy to announce that 32 grammar articles now have audio files to read and listen to examples. Of course I'll add more articles with the audio files. These audio clips can help you learn in different ways. They can help you read kanji and kana in a more interactive way than by simply reading...   leer más

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