12 年 2 月 5 日 7 new Japanese particles por Raphael

I go on integrating Japanese particle articles. Here are the particles that have been added: KUSE NI NO NI KEREDOMO / KEDO MONO DE / NODE KIRI NOMI SHIKA All those particles are also free and contain an example to show how to use them. You can see them and many other particles by...   leer más

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Since many members are student, and don't have much time or money to get a Samurai access, I've thought for alternative solutions. For the time being, the simplest one to integrate is to give you contribution points when you post a comment on the site. The idea is to give you different ways to...   leer más

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I'm very happy to announce the integration of many Japanese particle pages in Japa-Activator! There are currently 80 different definitions for about 20 particles. Simply click "Lessons > Particles" in the menu on the right-side of the site. Even after studying Japanese for a few years,...   leer más

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12 年 1 月 23 日 Soba noodles por Raphael

Wholesome, nutritious soba noodles are one of the most popular dishes in Japan. The firm, yet smooth, noodles are eaten all over Japan, and the light, but satisfying meal has been a popular form of affordable fast food ever since it was created in the Edo period. Today, around 35000 soba...   leer más

Temas: Cocina
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12 年 1 月 23 日 Udon noodles por Raphael

Udon, the thick, white noodles made from wheat flour, are some of the most popular noodles in Japan. First invented in the 18th century, these noodles became almost as popular as rice by the end of the Edo period. With many local variations in flavor, presentation, and even ordering style, this...   leer más

Temas: Cocina
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12 年 1 月 22 日 JA Sensei version 2.2.0 por Raphael

For this new version, I've improved the "Community" area to display more clearly members' level and grade. In general it's also easier to use. The oher big new feature is the Personal Lists management. You can create, modify, delete as many lists as you want. This concerns the Kanji and...   leer más

Temas: JA Sensei
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