Two weeks ago, I was proud to announce the release of the new module for Japanese verbs on Japan-Activator. This module contains almost 7000 verbs and is able to conjugate any of them in simple or advanced structures. It even takes into account some verbal peculiarities that followed no specific...   leer más

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A new tool has arrived on the site. It's the much awaited Verbs module! In the surveys, many of you requested it, so I had a look on the internet to see what was already available. The first goal for me was to create a conjugation tool for Japanese verbs, which is essential to read and form...   leer más

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The new version of JA Sensei is available on Google Play (version 2.5.1). Here are the new features: Google In-App Billing Integration The Paypal system has been removed to integrate the Google official system. No need to create an account any more. If you already bought JA Sensei via Paypal,...   leer más

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I'm glad to announce the release of 5 new documents that will improve your Japanese skills and let you express your ideas from English to Japanese more easily. People learning Japanese quickly realize how different the Japanese way of thinking is different, and I'm not talking about the cultural...   leer más

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Much work has been done on the site recenlty, especially with the new design, and we had to slow down the integration of the grammarical documents. But here we are again with 5 new documents, and still free to use. A member told me how useful it was when she was writing to her penpal, because she...   leer más

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¡Hola! I'm happy to announce that the interface for Japan-Activator is now available in Spanish. By interface, it means all the menus and navigation instructions on the site. The content in itself (lessons, documents), are still in English and French only, but it's only a matter of...   leer más

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