JA Sensei 5.9.0 is now available on Google Play! This new version features an innovative tool, Kana Odyssey, an epic adventure to improve your hiragana and katakana reading speed.   read more

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JA Sensei 5.8.2 is available on Google Play, and features many new, original and authentic example sentences with audio. This new version also lets you track your progress in grammar.   read more

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JA Sensei 5.8.1 features 1600 new Japanese words with authentic pronunciation. Notification issues have been fixed with the update. Special Black Friday offer: 35% off JA Sensei Premium   read more

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Discover JA Sensei 5.8.0! Improved kanji drawing, detailed feedback, drawing-based kanji search, and 620 new words with audio pronunciation make learning Japanese more efficient and enjoyable   read more

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Discover JA Sensei 5.7.4, featuring the Text Recognition for Japanese learners. Capture, comprehend, and study kanji characters offline, with 100% privacy, making learning effortless and efficient.   read more

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Introducing JA Sensei 5.7.3: AI-Powered Japanese Sentence Analysis. Break down and understand Japanese sentence structures with detailed explanations. Enhance grammar awareness, learn particle usage, and grasp verb forms.   read more

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JA Sensei

Learn Japanese even when you are out.

JA Sensei is the new application for Android smartphones. Already 150000 downloads and rated 4.7/5 by users! (June 2012)

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