JA Sensei is getting always richer in features and content to help you in your Japanese study. Discover or rediscover JA Sensei.   read more

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Three new situations have been added to the Illustrated Situations module on the website, JA Sensei v5 will be released in September.   read more

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Listening is a very important skill to develop when learning a foreign language, and the illustrated situations are a perfect solution for efficient training.   read more

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JA Sensei version 4.6.7 is now available on Google Play. This version brings much improvement on the vocabulary quiz following the messages you sent me.   read more

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There was some disruption over the past two weeks on the site following important work that now allows to enjoy a more modern and powerful system.   read more

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A unique experience in your life that you often wished later you had lived. Here is an article that will answer most of your questions before leaving to study or work in Japan.   read more

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