I've added 4 new thèmes to the Phrasebook that I consider useful: Job Seeking Weather Disaster Convenience Store Voilà, I hope those new themes will be useful to...   read more

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I'm happy to be able to put online the new Phrasebook module. After many hours spent with my wife to program the tool and record the audio files, the module is finally ready... well, almost. There are still 200 sounds to record, that will be done by the end of the week. Concretely, the tool...   read more

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The French magazine Mobiles Magazine, which has had authority about mobile news and trends for 15 years, has selected JA Sensei among the best 270 applications for Android! In the special edition n°3 released on May 18th, the team has tested JA Sensei and rated it 4/5! Not so bad for my...   read more

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In the menu, click "Lessons". Now there is one more button labelled "Counters"! For thos who don't know, counting objects in Japanese is not as easy as in English. You need to use what is called "Counters". This new section of the site lists 47 counters (limited to 15 for the time being for...   read more

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I've added 2 new lesson that will let you go on studying Japanese verbs, an essential part of your study. This time, the first lesson will explain everything about the -TE form that is used quite extensively in many verbal structures. And the second lesson will deal with the Regular II...   read more

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11 年 3 月 30 日 JA Sensei: write Kanji by Raphael

The new version 1.3.0 of JA Sensei for Android has been published. Here are the new features since version 1.1.0: Log in to get an access to your account and win points Have a look at your current rank right from your smartphone KANJI: write Kanji on your phone, the application can draw...   read more

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