Immerse yourself in Japanese culture with 26 new articles and over 100 illustrations. Explore topics like Shinto, Japanese mythology, popular dishes, symbolism of some animals, and more. With concise, enjoyable content, deepen your understanding of Japan's traditions.   read more

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The latest version of JA Sensei (version 5.7.1) has been released, offering 30 new articles and over 100 illustrations to enrich the Culturebook module. The articles cover a variety of topics related to Japanese culture, including traditional customs, art, celebrations, and more.   read more

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JA Sensei 5.7.0 has been released, bringing a new Dialogues Module that includes 100 everyday situations to help you practice and improve your Japanese conversation skills using real-life Japanese.   read more

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22 年 12 月 2 日 JA Sensei 5.6.3 available! by Raphael

Discover more stories in Japanese with JA Sensei version 5.6.3   read more

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Discover the 8 new stories available in JA Sensei, and the Black Friday offer of this year end.   read more

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The new version of JA Sensei is available with an update of the Reading module   read more

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