New text featuring two students organizing a barbecue with friends, and a new text free for all members   read more

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The Reading Assistant is growing quickly with two new texts 17 texts are now available! It's a great way to create speech automatism in an enjoyable fashion.   read more

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I received very positive feedback about the first 4 parts of the text. The last three will be even more intense!   read more

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Usagi-san is a rabbit living in a village whose patriarch, Zou-san, is an elephant who helps and protects its citizens. The problems begin when Usagi-san wants to be like Zou-san.   read more

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I've released two new stories for the Reading Assistant on the website. City and Countryside This text is a dialogue between a person living in the country and another one living in city. The objective is to be able to share your opinion in Japanese and use the comparative...   read more

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New Japanese grammar sheets to improve your Japanese: Superlative with 一番 (the best, the most, etc.) Potential (can, be able to, know how) Immediate past with ところだ (I've just done, etc.) For  Samurai members, audio recordings are available for each example, but also 3...   read more

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