The Grammar module has been added to JA Sensei. It contains grammatical articles dealing with many aspects of the language and ordered by JLPT levels. About 20 articles have been integrated so far, but about 50 have already been written and will be integrated soon as well. The Grammar module is a...   read more

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12 年 3 月 30 日 Grammar, your favorite list by Raphael

I've improved the Grammar tool by adding a favorite manager. When you are member of the site, a star is displayed next to each article. Simply click it to add / remove the article to your personal list. That way, you can easily and quickly find an article you were interested in!   The...   read more

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More new particles to help you understand Japanese syntactic structures. They are very useful when you try to read a Japanese text by yourself. Here are the ones that have been added: ZE ZO TOKORO TOSHITE YORI KOSO NI (end of sentence) We are also working much on the grammar articles....   read more

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12 年 3 月 12 日 HOT! New grammar section!! by Raphael

This piece of news shows what 2012 will be! The site content has been massively improved with the new Grammar section (in the menu, click Lessons > Grammar). What is this Grammar section?? It's a kind of encyclopeadia for Japanese grammar made of numerous separated articles. Each article...   read more

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Let's go on with the particles. More particles have been added, which will help you a lot if you read Japanese texts. NADO / NANKA / NAZO TOKORO DE MONO NO MONO O TOMO TTEBA MONO The particles module already has much content, but more particles will be added. But in a few days, another...   read more

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Still working on the particles. 5 new ones have been added: Shi Nagara De mo To ka Wa We have reached 45 particles, and over 130 usages explained and accompanied by an example. Much more stuff is under development. Expect much content in...   read more

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