Much work has been done on the site recenlty, especially with the new design, and we had to slow down the integration of the grammarical documents. But here we are again with 5 new documents, and still free to use. A member told me how useful it was when she was writing to her penpal, because she...   read more

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¡Hola! I'm happy to announce that the interface for Japan-Activator is now available in Spanish. By interface, it means all the menus and navigation instructions on the site. The content in itself (lessons, documents), are still in English and French only, but it's only a matter of...   read more

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94 New exercises in all lessons At the end of each lesson, you can do exercises to practice and to check if you could understand the lesson thoroughly. There were 64 exercises, but now 94 more exercises have been added! So the total is 158 exercises that will, for sure, help you create...   read more

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12 年 7 月 30 日 JA Sensei version 2.4.5 by Raphael

JA Sensei version 2.4.3 2.4.5 is now available on Google Play. For this release, the Kana module has been much improved so that you can easily track your progress and quizzes. A gridview has also been added to let you modify your lists quickly and to give you a wider view on your...   read more

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The day has come to put online the work started 3 months ago! Why a new design for the site ? Simply because it was necessary before starting some other projects to be due this year. At any rate, things were done well, the site is ready for the years to come. Do you want to know why? More and...   read more

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It's been almost almost a month since I last posted some news on the site, and the reason is simple, some big news has been under development for about 3 months. And for sure, it will be a huge surprise, even a shock for some people... I should manage to put that updated work online by the end of...   read more

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