11 年 1 月 15 日 How to get started? by Raphael

I often see beginners asking the same questions when they start learning Japanese. It's true that it's not always easy to get organized by ourselves as the Japanese language can be so different from what we know. So I've added a small picture right above the main menu so that it can bee seen...   read more

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First of all, let me wish you a Happy New Year '11. I hope that you'll all get well and successful.   Thanks to Facebook, I wish to let English speaking people know about Japan-Activator. The site has existed since 2006 in French, but I released an English version last year. So I do hope...   read more

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I've updated the Kanji dictionary tool. Now when you search a Kanji, not only the list of matching Kanjis will appear, but also a button "See examples" next to each result that will let you see a list of words using the...   read more

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10 年 12 月 24 日 Happy Holidays! by Raphael

I wish you all a Happy Holiday Season! Last january, I opened English version of the site and much as been done since then: Almost all lessons have been translated into English A kanji dictionary has been added along with an Eng<>Jap dictionary Live Chat system to ask question to other...   read more

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10 年 11 月 25 日 Kanji Dictionary is online ! by Raphael

Several people requested me to add some tools to learn Kanji more effeciently. I'm happy to inform you that I've added a new Kanji Dictionary online. You can find it on the right side of the screen, in the tool box. I let you discover its functionalities. In the same time, I wanted the tool to be...   read more

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Katakana Here they are! The Kana writing exercise was already displaying Hiragana, and now it also integrated Katakana. As a reminder, you only need to type a word in romaji, and it will automatically be translated into Hiragana and Katakana showing the stroke orders if needed. It is the perfect...   read more

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